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Monday, September 14, 2009

Your Humble Editor Already Dissed by Prestigious Member of Expat Community!

Dear Readers,

I try my best to reach out to fellow expats in order to inform and enlighten. However, it appears that some members of our community are still in the dark. Here is a reply I had from prestigious member of our community to my Facebook request for friendship:

most authoritative source of news - isn't this a little strong? How come you have no information about yourself on your blog or Facebook? If you believe so strongly in yourself then why not tell us who you are?

She obviously hasn't READ THE BLOG YET because she could see that my awesome editorial staff has come up with some fascinating stories, like the tampon store and C. Kirchner's never before mentioned affair with John Lennon. Here was my response:


No, I don't think "authoritative" is too strong at all. Maybe it's not strong enough. Although there is not a lot of content yet, I believe my blog will be the best darn expat blog in the world, serving up nuggets of enlightenment dug up by hard-hitting investigative journalism and intuition-based reporting.

But judge for yourself.

I have filled in some more personal information in my Facebook profile. Thank you for suggesting it.

-Southpat Sue

Her reply:

I have had my blog for almost 4 years. It is syndicated on Globalpost and at times Huffington, New York Times, CNN, La Nacion, Clarin. I can tell you that what makes a blog great is the writing. I think a blog stands for itself. You can say what you want about yourself, but the content is what moves people. Whatever... Why stay anonymous if you believe so much in what you are writing? I believe only those who are ashamed to be known write anonymously. My opinion. Good luck.

Wow. NYT, CNN, and The Huf. Congratulations. However, The B.A.B. does not set it's ideal as being a sweetheart of mainstream media. I still don't think she has read the blog or looked at my Facebook profile, because she would ascertain from my interests in Argentine mime and mate colonics that I am passionate about this city.

Oh, well. I can't enlighten everyone at once.

-Southpat Sue

P.S. I'm not anonymous. I have a name. It's Southpat Sue. If I were anonymous, I would sign my posts "Anonymous."


  1. Hi Southpat! I really like your superpowers girl!
    Sorry I don´t read your blog because of your motto. If I were to read the most authoritative blog in Buenos Aires I would go to "TangoSpam: la vida con Deby".
    Nothing personal...
    Good luck baby.
    PS: do I qualify as anonymous?

  2. Hey Southpat Sue, you have surely not met The Angry Expat for the first time only now? This breed of (mostly) American expats is a strange one, and frequent here in BsAs. Typical of the breed is an encyclopedic knowledge of everything and a belief that their opinions are facts. Not to be confused with one of them, as I am clear that my opinions are simply a collection of personal viewpoints on things which could be seen from many directions, I must point out that you are both wrong. You do not write "anonymously" per se, though writing under a pseudonym is another form of anonymity. Southpat Sue is not really your name, unless I'm wrong, it's a pseudonym that provides you with some measure of printed anonymity.

    I like your posts. They are fun and interesting. Don't worry, there are some among us who don't really trust "media darlings" and frankly most blogs that are written to earn money eventually get boring and that is greatest sin among writers, to bore the reader...

    Annie Ory - not a pen name

  3. I say sell out. It's the only way to go.

    By the way, you can't be the most authoritative source of news in Buenos Aires unless you get all the expats here to agree. I'd post a poll and see what the response is.

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  5. She's a treasure our Debi. What I think you don't understand being steeped in the very finest journalistic traditions is that Debi's site is a parody, she's just riffing off real events, playing with identities and subverting the paradigm - its all terribly ironic, post modern and irreverent, all the kids are doing it now. I'm actually writing a book about these trends in keeping with my capacity to have my finger on the pulse of all innovations in the fields of astonishing cleverness and/or bulbous propagation.

    Yours etc,

    Marc T