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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ask Southpat: Is My Argentine Girlfriend Only After My Money?

Dear Southpat:

I have been dating an Argentine girl for about three months now. She is beautiful and fun to be with. I'm beginning to worry, however, that she's only after my money. Should I be worried that I'm dating a gold-digger?



Dear Joe:

Of course she's after after your money. Who cares? It doesn't mean she doesn't love you. You're not settling for a horse-face, don't hold it against her for not settling for a broke loser.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a better standard of living, and there is nothing wrong with an Argentine trophy wife. They're all the rage. Ask Matt Damon or Robert Duvall. You bring home the bacon, and she cooks it up in a thong. It's a win-win.


Southpat Sue


  1. the same question goes for gay men...i'm an expat in buenos aires from san francisco, and over my 6 years being here, i have seen many gay couples where it could be easily said that the argentine guy was just using his gringo boyfriend for a greenback or two...i have also seen straight american princesses that only want to date rich men, and they cant seem to find them, especially not at the verdulereria on the corner.

  2. Why can't a well off professional woman date a cute, smart, sweet kinda broke guy, machistas all over the world!

  3. hahaha I wouldn't mind bagging myself a rich Argentino man. At the end of the day what is love?