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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Letter From The Editor: Welcome to the Newest and Best Expat News Source in the World!

Thank you Mrs. Kirchner, for presenting us with the motivation for starting a new blog. In proposing to decriminalize libel, you have asserted Argentina as a country that not only affirms the rights of its residents to free speech, but the right of every PorteƱo to create his own reality.

"I prefer a billion lies to shutting someone's mouth," Fernandez said in an address to the Inter-American Human Rights Commission.
You go, girl!

In this spirit, we hope that The Buenos Aires Blog may serve as a source of information and enlightenment for all English speaking residents of Argentina's great city.

(Above is a picture of Mrs. Kirchner in her lesser-known hippie days, before she started practicing law. We have been told by unnamed sources that she adopted this look after meeting John Lenon in one of his rare trips to South America. After a short love affair with Lenon went sour, she dropped the "flower girl" persona for her "Gucci girl" image we all know and love.)


  1. Well, you have to understand that at the same time she spouts out this rhetoric the government is trying to pass legislation restricting media in this country.

    The latest is a bill proposing the government will allow 1/3 of the media outlets to be privately owned, 1/3 government owned, and 1/3 assigned by the gov......... that effectively gives 2/3 control of all media here to the government.

    Also look to the case of Bartholme Mitre, the editor of a major newspaper here, and the owner of the same periodical. Although the supreme court ruled that journalists/periodicals cannot be sued for criticizing government officials/agencies......... they were both arrested for criticizing an arm of the secret police here..........

    Somehow both of them are in front of the same judge and are expected to serve three years in prison each.............

    So much for Queen C's freedom of speech...

    p.s. as a footnote, I have been here nearly three years and have seen all the mass government propoganda against free media here.......... very scary.........

    It is interesting..... when I first came here Argentina ranked higher than the USA and most European countries when it comes to journalistic freedom........ now it is going to the dark ages.

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