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Friday, January 8, 2010

Unpublished Borges Manuscript Found!

The Argentine National Library has announced that Borges manuscript was found that has never been published. The find was kept from the public until the authenticity could be corroborated.

"We are positive it was written by Borges," said Maria Giancola, spokesperson for the library. "The question is why he didn't have it published."

The story is titled "La Fila Infinitiva"- or "The Infinite Line" and describes a person waiting in line at a bank that has infinite funds, but the line is infinite, so they never reach the front.

The library is seeking to secure the rights from MarĂ­a Kodama, Borges' widow, in order to publish the manuscript publicly, but it is unknown whether she will release them. It is rumored that she has already been approached by film director Terry Gilliam.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Proposed Carbon Tax on Parrillas

The Argentina congress has proposed a carbon tax on parrillas, in order to do its part in staving off the climate change apocalypse. Argentine scientists have determined that the popular Argentine restaurants, which grill large amounts of meat over coals, contribute significantly to the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, a leading contributor to the end of the world as we know it.

“We all have to do our share,” says Summer Wheatly, a leading environmentalist in Latin America. “Parrillas are contributing more to the climate change apocalypse than any other business in Argentina. A carbon tax on parrillas will encourage them to think of alternate fuels for grilling.”

A few parrillas are wood burning, using wood cut down from the Brazilian rain forest, but wood is much more costly to import into the city of Buenos Aires. The congress is debating a foresting import subsidy to encourage the move away from carbon.

New Seminar: Dealing With an Abundance of Women

Dirk Samson, American expat and super-preneur, has a new seminar: Dealing with an Abundance of Women: How to date the flood of Argentine chicks that will flock to you in Buenos Aires. Dirk has perfected the dating technique for American men in Argentina, and developed a sure-fire system to increase dating success so that you will be having fun with a different yet gorgeous woman every night. Dirk will elaborate on his new system-
  • Analyze: Focus in on the type of woman you want. Dirk will show you that no matter how picky you are, whether you have breast-size requirements or just like a perky personality, you can get what you want.
  • Desensitize: Starting from the first date, get women used to being with a douchebag. Don’t build up expectations you can’t live up to later.
  • Dehumanize: Think of women like a product. Don’t concentrate on their humanity, or you will get in over your head and lose out to your feelings.
  • Escape: how to throw them away when you are done without any drama, and move on.

BONUS: Those who come to the seminar will be give a coupon for his complementary iPhone app !

Don’t miss out! Only a few spots left! Feb. 14 at Area Cuatro.


(Cost $1,500 pesos )