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Friday, January 8, 2010

Unpublished Borges Manuscript Found!

The Argentine National Library has announced that Borges manuscript was found that has never been published. The find was kept from the public until the authenticity could be corroborated.

"We are positive it was written by Borges," said Maria Giancola, spokesperson for the library. "The question is why he didn't have it published."

The story is titled "La Fila Infinitiva"- or "The Infinite Line" and describes a person waiting in line at a bank that has infinite funds, but the line is infinite, so they never reach the front.

The library is seeking to secure the rights from MarĂ­a Kodama, Borges' widow, in order to publish the manuscript publicly, but it is unknown whether she will release them. It is rumored that she has already been approached by film director Terry Gilliam.

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