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Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Seminar: Dealing With an Abundance of Women

Dirk Samson, American expat and super-preneur, has a new seminar: Dealing with an Abundance of Women: How to date the flood of Argentine chicks that will flock to you in Buenos Aires. Dirk has perfected the dating technique for American men in Argentina, and developed a sure-fire system to increase dating success so that you will be having fun with a different yet gorgeous woman every night. Dirk will elaborate on his new system-
  • Analyze: Focus in on the type of woman you want. Dirk will show you that no matter how picky you are, whether you have breast-size requirements or just like a perky personality, you can get what you want.
  • Desensitize: Starting from the first date, get women used to being with a douchebag. Don’t build up expectations you can’t live up to later.
  • Dehumanize: Think of women like a product. Don’t concentrate on their humanity, or you will get in over your head and lose out to your feelings.
  • Escape: how to throw them away when you are done without any drama, and move on.

BONUS: Those who come to the seminar will be give a coupon for his complementary iPhone app !

Don’t miss out! Only a few spots left! Feb. 14 at Area Cuatro.


(Cost $1,500 pesos )

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