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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Finance: Three Places to Put Your Cash

Many expats move to South America with the goal of leveraging the currency exchange between countries and living either partially or completely off of their savings, trying to stretch it as far as it will go. The recent economic crisis has complicated those who hold U.S. dollars in cash, because interest rates are low, and fear of inflation is in the air. Gold is the traditional vehicle of choice for crisis situations, but the price of gold has already risen so far, many are wondering if there are other choices to consider.

After some in-depth intuition-based financial analysis, I have come up with three investment choices to think about that hold mid-range promise:

Plutonium. Plutonium has fallen since its high in 1985, after the release of Back to The Future spurned a rally. With countries like North Korea and Iran looking to expand their nuclear capabilities, the demand for Plutonium will rise through the next decade.

Rhinestones. Rhinestone reserves have held steady over the past three decades, but the popularity of the bedazzler has created an uptick in demand. As the bedazzler hits the Asian and South American markets, rhinestone prices should rise and remain steady for at least five years.

Wax. Although wax has become increasingly popular since the 90's, it's price should remain steady for the near term, since body hair is nowhere near coming back. I have had my eye on the adult film industry for years, and hair is still out. This means wax is in. Look to large bee farms especially, as the popularity of organic wax will rise with the green movement.

Talk to your financial advisor about index funds that contain these commodities to round out your portfolio and hedge against inflation. Fidelity is starting a rhinestone fund and a wax fund, for example, that seek to balance risk by investing in a variety of companies in the industry.

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