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Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Tampon Store Opens in Buenos Aires!

A tampon store has opened up a new store in Barrio Norte to fill a niche market. "There is really a lack of tampons here, and I have no idea why," said Tanya, the proprietor of Women's World. "Stores carry them, but like only one brand, and it is almost like a black market for expat women. I thought I would turn the black market into a pink one."

So far Tanya's business is doing well, although it gets some strange looks from locals; most of the business is expats. Vagina-based businesses are an emerging market in third world countries, where traditional male-centric societies haven't opened their eyes to the needs of women. Tanya also sells disposable douche, feminine spray, and concentrated cranberry tablets-- a well-known remedy for bladder infections. They are looking to possibly expand into the vibrator market early 2010.


  1. There are lots of vibrator stores already, Sex Stores they're called. Fun idea for a store though, tampons. Tee hee

  2. The vibrators sold in BA are horrible. They are nothing more than poor quality rubber with a vibrating egg at the base. Pitiful. Someone should open a branch of "the Grand Opening" (of Brookline, Mass. - now closed). It specifically catered to women. One of the funniest sales lines I ever heard was from a clerk when talking about the glass vibrators - "And not only that, they are dishwasher safe."