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Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Drinking Conservatively" Cancelled Until Further Notice

Drinking Conservatively, the weekly social meeting sponsored by Republicans Overseas, has been canceled until further notice. Faith Fairchild, president of the organization said that it hadn't gotten the turnout she expected.

"Of course I'm disappointed," she commented. "I had hoped to build a community of like minded expatriates. But I think I'm either the only conservative expat in Buenos Aires, or the only expat who drinks conservatively."

Fairchild has several cases of Asti Spumante available for sale. Email if interested.


  1. You could try throwing a good tea bagging party.

  2. Along the lines of self promotion, I would point out that I host Drinking Liberally every week and we have a wonderful international turnout.

    On another note, I think I actually met the Replublican here.............. seemed nice if not a bit disconnected...........LOL

  3. If I can expand on my previous post....

    The democratic party here in Argentina has taken note of the wild success the Republicans have had with their grass roots tea bagging parties and the millions that Glenn Beck commands.

    We are going to steal some of their thunder. They are not the only ones that can come up with catchy, appropriate descriptive names that fit them to a T.

    We have our own ace up our sleeve.

    Look out Buenos Aires, we are going to have Circle Jerk parties to rival their Tea Bagging parties.

    How do you like that Repubs?

  4. I don't imagine you're "the only (expat) who drinks conservatively". I think you're the only one who thinks that's a basis for relationship. How much a person does or doesn't drink isn't interesting. I have teetotaler friends, expats and locals alike, and I have pot smoking friends, and friends who show up at my house (literally) with large cans of beer in all 5 jacket and pants pockets and then proceed to empty them during the evening, mixing them with the libations I'm serving. All of these people are interesting for reasons having nothing to do with how much they drink...