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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Floor of Area Quatro Paved With Gold

Another in a long line of expat start-ups, Area Quatro has paved its floors with gold. Why, you ask? Because it's a symbol of the Midas Touch that foreigners have starting businesses in the Silicon Valley of the South. CNN has recently just written an article about the roaring success of such small start-ups, and eyes all over the world are turning south for new opportunities in this difficult world recession. But is paving a floor with gold going too far?

"I wanted a symbol of success," says founder Marcus Fineman. "Gold symbolizes wealth. And besides, if the business fails, I have a hedge against inflation."

Although the offices are 75% complete, Fineman says he is still not sure what his business plan will turn out to be. "I want to be flexible. There are so many different opportunities. We are thinking that we will be a combination bar/tanning salon, but I'm also very bullish on the long-term real estate market, so we might have separate offices for that."

If you visit Area Quatro, be sure to wear your sunglasses. The future is bright.

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