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Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Study Finds American Women in 50's Have Better Chance of Getting Struck By Lightning Than finding Love in Buenos Aires

A new study, published today by the organization for fairness in intuition-based reporting, has found that American women in their 50's have a 1 in 700,025 chance of finding lasting love in Buenos Aires: slightly less than getting hit by lightning.

While American women in their twenties have a 50/50 chance, odds of finding Mr. Right drop precipitously in inverse proportion to their age.

"This has a lot to do with the differences between cultures," says Rhonda Schirmer, a sociologist who practices in the Argentine capital. "American women have a trust-based relationship paradigm. Women in their twenties who move here are able to shift that paradigm, but after age 50, it's much harder to do so. In Argentina, love and trust are not mutually exclusive."

But not all hope is lost. Brenda Baker, a 52-year-old writer and tango dancer, has fought the odds to find love with her new Argentine boyfriend, Augustine. "A lot of people warned me against dating Argentine men," explains Baker, "but sometimes it pays not to listen to advice. I found the man of my dreams in Arentina." Baker says that Augustine has plans to help her open her own tango studio once his divorce is final.

Is love possible in Argentina? Yes, but grab it while you can, says Schirmer. Life is too short to tango alone.


  1. You can see how this story will end: Brenda broke and Augustine AWOL :)

  2. But for "Mr Right Now" it is a lovely mostly age-blind genial city.

    As a therapist, journalist and woman here for years I have way too much to write on this subject and am too vaga to write the book. Let's just say the sociologist and I agree and I counsel women of all ages USA,,UK, GERMANY) to let go of the "possession" idea or best move back home. It is neither good or bad - it's just different.

  3. "Baker says that Augustine has plans to help her open her own tango studio once his divorce is final."

    Love it!

  4. Key word..ONCE his divorce his final....who knows what century that will be, and if it will ever be..