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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Expats Plan Pringles Protest

Mad that most foreign food items could possibly be banned from grocery stores as of June 1, some foreigners in Argentina are planning a protest to show how they feel about being left without their favorite brands of ketchup and potato chips.

Silvia Smorgen, an expat from Sweden says that should the food ban go through, she is gathering a group to protest at the Obelisco with thousands of Pringles cans.

"We wanted to fill them with change and shake them," said Smorgen, "but change has started to become scarce again and we don't know if we have enough. So we will fill them with dried pasta instead. We will also bang on them with wooden spoons."

In addition, these "Pringoleras" will carry signs that say "Keep your hands off my peanut butter!" and Smorgen hopes to turn the obelisk in the center of 9 de Julio into a giant bottle of Tobasco.

"To ban imported food is to trample on our freedom," says Smorgen. "I love Argentina, I love the people, I love the steak and wine. But if I have to drink Argentine coffee, I might not be able to stay."


  1. Interesting way of protesting!

  2. Sue, the Pringles protest was great! I never saw so many Pringles cans in my life. And, guess what it worked! Argentina has not banned imported food!

    Check out my blog for more info:

  3. They want to ban exported food in order to protect national products. If foreigners miss their food so much, they should just go back, no? I'm here from Canada and you should just adapt to a different diet, culture. Although I miss it, you won't see me crying for maple syrup.

  4. Such an interesting way to protest. Do you know if it worked?